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MR Dominion is an affiliate of Management Recruiters International, the world’s largest executive search firm.  MR Dominion focuses on the banking vertical, working with $0 to $20B Community and Small Regional Banks nationwide.  MR Dominion specializes in placing top performers in the banking industry within Accounting, Finance, Audit, Risk, and Technology - focusing on CFO's, Chief Accounting Officers, Treasurers, Asset & Liability Managers, Corporate Finance, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Audit Executives, and CIO’s (amongst others.)

MR Dominion was in founded in 2012 and was the culmination of a life-long vision of its founder, Greg Barlow.  Entering his ninth calendar year in this endeavor in 2020, Greg’s continued passion is to utilize his firm MR Dominion as the vehicle to have a more profound impact on his client banks as they grow and on the lives of the professionals he represents.   Greg’s consultative, laid back approach is unique, as he truly wants to get to know the clients and candidates he represents to understand what their key drivers are, and at the end of the day achieve an excellent short-term and long-term fit as his clients invest in human capital and in the lives of those that they hire.  Greg is the youngest of a large Irish Catholic family and as they youngest, he had no choice but develop his listening skills and learn how to read a room full of crazy people.  Oddly, his place in the pecking order as a youngster has been paramount to MR Dominion’s continued success and its ability to impact the lives of others and their families. Greg is tenacious, but he is a ‘farmer’.  He’d rather get to know his clients first and allow the relationship to grow organically.  He loves ‘sowing seed’ everywhere he goes and it appears to be working for him and his clients.  Greg loves being a sounding board and is always willing to help.  He’s not pushy, but he’s listening, and he gets after it.  That is part of Greg’s continued charm and success.

With the addition of Joe Souder in January of 2020, MR Dominion is able to expand it's product offering to clients as Joe possesses twenty plus years of expertise in banking, including placing Chief Operating Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Credit Officers, and Chief Lending Officers primarily in the Southeast.   The future looks very bright as Greg and Joe formally join forces to better serve both clients and candidates moving forward.  

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